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This was my home:

Currently live in an apartment.
M51 near Ursa Major

The new CAS headquarters building is now completed (see picture below).


The Cincinnati Astronomical Society (CAS) is located west of Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately, I no longer live near Cincinnati.

I was a member of the von Braun Astronomical Society for several years. It is located just east of Huntsville, Alabama (see picture below).


I used to be a member, and the public relations and observation chairperson, of the Shoals Astronomy Club based in the Florence, Alabama area. Its meeting place is at the Planetarium of the University of Northern Alabama (UNA) as seen in the following picture.

UNA Planetarium

I also used to be a member of the Miami Valley Astronomical Society (MVAS) which meets at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, Ohio (see next picture).

MVAS runs the Apollo Rendezvous annual event every June at the museum and at their dark sky site. For a slide show of an Apollo Rendezvous event, click here


I am currently a member and publicity director for the Northeast Florida Astronomical Society (NEFAS) which used to meet at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, Florida (see next picture). It now meets at FSCJ Kent campus (see picture)


FSCJ Kent Campus FSCJK

I am also a member of the Ancient City Astronomy Club (ASAC), which is based in Saint Augustine, Florida. It currently meets in some city offices.


Richland Astronomical Society - got hooked as a young boy at Happy Hollow near Mansfield, Ohio
Atlanta Astronomy Club - previous member
Orlando Astronomical Society - previous member
Astronomical Society of Las Cruces - previous member
Cincinnati Astronomical Society - previous vice president
Miami Valley Astronomical Society - previous member
Von Braun Astronomical Society - previous member
Shoals Astronomy Club - previous member
Northeast Florida Astronomical Society - publicity director
Ancient City Astronomy Club - current member

Trio in Leo

Computers are another hobby of mine. They were also my vocation (see Resume). My interests for the past 15 years have leaned more and more towards Linux. I currently have a small LAN made of old computers that have been discarded by their previous owners, or that I have kept.

My oldest machine is a home-built AMD 486 - 100 Mhz PC with 128 MB of RAM. It will remain a museum piece. The next oldest is my Dell Pentium II 400 Mhz PC with 384 MB of RAM and it is a Debian rebuild. Next is an old AMD Athalon 600 Mhz also with 384 MB of RAM.

Somewhere around that level (Pentium II/III) is my old Apple Powerbook G3 firewire (nee pismo) with its 400 Mhz PowerPC processor, which has 512 MB of RAM.

Finally, there are two Pentium IV class machines. The first is a Dell Optiplex with a 1.6 Ghz Pentium IV and 1 gigabyte of RAM. The other one is an old IBM NetVista mini-tower with a 1.8 GHz Pentium iV with 1.5 GB of RAM.

I have four "modern" systems. I have a dual core 64 bit Toshiba laptop with 6 GB of RAM. It has been rebuilt as Debian 64 bit. It was running Windows 8 on it (phooey!)

The other three systems are of greater power than my laptop.

My current OS of choice has changed. I now use a variety of Linux distributions. In addition, I have virtual machines that are Linux/Unix variants.

I was the second Vice President of CAS in 2001 & 2002. The following pictures are of my telescopes. I start in order of the smallest ( and cheapest) telescope.

Galileo 60 mm F10 refractor on an Alt/Az mount. Scope comes with very nice cloth carrying case, a monochrome video camera, and a monochrome monitor. Gave this one away to one of my nieces.

Orion 80 mm F5 short tube refractor on a compact tripod. Also has a nice carrying case and some very nice accessories.

Meade Instruments 90 mm F11 refractor on equatorial mount and aluminum tripod.

Pictured above is my very old Edmund Scientific 4.25 inch F10 reflector. Have had it a very long time.

Pictured above is the award winning home made 10 inch F5.85 "Compulsion" dobsonian telescope. The mirror was ground by the late R. Wessling of Pine Optical and the scope was designed and built by Terry Hubbert assisted by the owner, me. This scope is pictured at NIAGfest 2001. Unfortunately, this scope did not win at NIAGfest, but did at Apollo Rendezvous 2000, where it won most popular and best dobsonian telescope.

I no longer own an Obsession 18" telescope. I had to sell it.
My newest car (Victoria):

2008 Volkswagon Jetta with 20 valve, 2.5 L, 5 cylinder engine and 6 speed automatic transmission

My car (Holly):

1994 Honda Del Sol with 16 valve 1.5 L engine and 5 speed std. transmission

My scope trailer,Ford, and camper My scope trailer has been sold. Pictured here attached to another vehicle and camper.

I used to own a 1991 Ford F250 with 5.8 L engine and std. 5 speed transmission. On top of the 8 foot truck bed was a 1998 Fleetwood Elkhorn truck camper with bath room, furnace, gas oven, refrigerator, microwave, and queen sized bed. Fred and the truck camper have been sold.

Suzi, the motorcycle

I also used to own a Suzuki Intruder motorcycle - which is missed most of all.



(e-mail: )

Information Technologist

Diverse system experience, Problem analysis and resolution, User interaction, Software development, Trouble-shooting, Data manipulation

MS, Information Technology; BS, Computer Science; BS, Math and Physics


More than 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies. Superior computer skills, good communication and interpersonal skill attributes. Multitasking of new and inherited projects were some of my best skills. There was a consistent record of accomplishment for user support. Processes were streamlined and there was a saving of 50% on execution time for some applications. Many achievement and recognition awards for exceptional work. Diverse experiences mean capability in many different information technology roles: software developer, system administrator, help center, trouble-shooter, and project leader. Along with diversity of experience, strong analytical skills, and problem solving skills were successfully applied to various tasks. Have an MS degree in information security. In addition, due to many years of teaching experience, would easily make me an excellent adjunct instructor.

HARDWARE: PC, workstations, supercomputers, mainframes, minicomputers, microcomputers

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Unix {Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX}, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 , VM/CMS, VMS, PRIMOS, HP-RTE

LANGUAGES: Unix-Shell; C/C++; FORTRAN; APL/Plus; BASIC; Pascal; X/Motif; Java; HTML; XML; Javascript; PHP

DATABASES: Oracle 7/8, MS Access, MySQL


Master of Science in Information Technology/Security, Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM


Analyzed problem with application that was ported from PC to Unix workstation. Found solution by running diagnostic equipment and analyzing results. Implemented solution and completed port of the application.

Learned to program in new computer language in 30-days to complete release of important application.

Collaborated with several co-developers on port of real time data acquisition system from PC to Unix workstation. Merged co-developers work into completed solution along with own.

Interacted with users concerning various problems with software on 2 types of Unix workstations. Analyzed problems and contacted various experts to arrive at solution. Communicated solution to user to complete trouble-shooting.

Gathered requirements for program's fit into technology suite. Met with 3 or 4 users to determine needs. Resulted in system that met user needs better and more effectively.

System created 600,000+ character strings that slowed productivity. Worked through application manually via debuggers to determine reason for generation. Reduced execution time 50%.

Merged two different computer languages to understand and repair several different applications. Used knowledge of Unix system calls, scripting languages (Bourne, Korn, and C-shells) to write utilities and user interfaces. Generalized Unix knowledge on one type of platform (Hewlett-Packard) to work on several other types of platforms (Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Apollo).

Solved problem with application not working as originally intended. Discovered command within system was not functioning as documented for application written by another developer. Debugged and confirmed suspicions and developed strategy on how to fix. Implemented final solution in 1-week.

Migrated application from old Honeywell mainframe to Hewlett-Packard workstation. Resulted in a correctly ported application, which assisted in reducing cost by helping to sunset old system.

Wrote software to manipulate data from semi-real time system to produce graphical displays in near real time. Worked on unfamiliar computer and in unfamiliar language. Took several weeks of effort, producing system that functioned as user expected.

Ported general graphics display utility using meta-language to produce hardware independent graphical displays of data. Wrote device drivers for several different types of graphics displays to translate meta- language into actual displays of data and wrote several meta-language data manipulation programs that reduced raw field data to produce displays that client desired.


  • Undergoing ITIL V3 Foundations Certification Training
  • Java SE with Frameworks - CGI
  • Java with XML - New Horizon's Computer Learning Center
  • Java Servlets and JSP - New Horizon's Computer Learning Center
  • Java Programming, Level 2 - New Horizon's Computer Learning Center
  • Basic JAVA - GE Aircraft Engines
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design - GE Aircraft Engines.
  • Introduction to JAVA - GE Aircraft Engines.
  • Oracle Forms 2000 Developer - GE Aircraft Engines.
  • Oracle for Developers - GE Aircraft Engines.
  • C++ Programming Language.  GE Aircraft Engines.


Linux/Unix System Administrator, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jacksonville, FL
05/2015 - 10/2016

  • Full time position at Deutsche Bank (see previous position)

System Administrator, Deutsche Bank, Jacksonville, FL 12/2013 - 04/2015

  • Full time position at international investment bank
  • Performed user support and application troubleshooting for 10k+ applications running on Unix/Linux.
  • Flavors of Unix/Linux were Solaris, AIX/ RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), SLES (SuSE Linux Enterpise Server) and OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux).
  • Used BMC Remedy and Service Now incident management systems handling over 15k tickets a month.
  • Administered day to day activities on a large 30k+ server, global, enterprise network.
  • Installed Oracle, and other software with zypper, yum, rpm, pkgadd, installp
  • Tools used include: ssh, sudo, various networking commands (traceroute, ifconfig, ip, kstat)
  • Contractor with Hewlett-Packard starting 5/01/2015
  • Used ITIL processes implemented in DB applications to track incident management

Technical Support, CGI, Troy, AL
06/2011 - 12/2013

  • Full time position
  • User support for trouble-shooting of applications in Unix and Windows
  • Used Remedy 7.1 for incident management tool
  • Trainer and resource for Unix on large network of servers
  • Some limited system administrator work
  • Use Sybase, Oracle, and MS SQL server databases, Tibco
  • Support PeopleSoft, Hyperion, and other financial applications
  • Contract work for Fannie Mae

Refresh Technician, Sullivan and Cogliano, Alabama and NW Florida
02/2011 - 06/2011

  • Temporary position at multiple locations
  • User support for trouble-shooting of upgrade installation
  • First work site was Amedisys in Pensacola, Florida

Substitute Teacher: 12/2010 - 06/2011

  • City of Dothan Schools, Dothan, AL
  • Kelly Educational Staffing, Dothan, AL
  • Houston County Board of Education, Dothan, AL

Temporary contract positions: 04/2010 - 12/2010

  • Field Engineer: Global Resources LTD., Troy, Alabama User support for trouble-shooting of upgrade installation
  • PC Technician:
  • Advantage Technical Resourcing, Dothan, Alabama
  • Manpower Professional, Enterprise, Alabama
  • Insight Global, Enterprise, Alabama
  • Pomeroy IT Solutions, Inc., Florence, Alabama Desktop support for installation of printers and other tasks

A to Z In Home Tutoring LLC, Birmingham, AL
2008 - 2010
Math Tutor

  • Tutor for Sheffield City Schools
  • Part-time position

Church of the Good Shepherd, Florence, AL
2007 - 2010
Webmaster/System Administrator

  • Use Dreamweaver to modify and maintain web site
  • Assist with maintenance of Windows XP computers
  • Part-time volunteer position

Kelly Educational Staffing, Florence, AL
2006 - 2010
Substitute Teacher

  • Substitute in Florence City Schools
  • Part-time position

Lauderdale County, Alabama
two years
Substitute Teacher

  • Substitute in Lauderdale County Schools
  • Part-time position

Libby Hurricane Structural Engineering, Niceville, FL
one week
Independent Consultant

  • Assisted with maintenance on two HP-UX workstations running ME-10 CAD
  • Worked for an independent structural engineer

Primerica Financial Services
two years
Senior Financial Representative

  • Provided customers with full financial analysis for insurance, investments, & loans
  • Fully licensed in Life, Health, and Annuities in Ohio
  • Fully Series 6 & 63 securities licensed
  • Part-time employee

Butler County Board of Education
two years
Substitute Teacher

  • Worked in Lakota School District: West & East High, Freshman Schools, etc.
  • Worked in Fairfield City Schools: Middle, Freshman, High schools, etc.
  • Worked in Lemon-Monroe Jr., Sr. High School
  • Part-time employee

General Electric Company / Aircraft Engines
nine years
Lead Applications

  • Project leader for software on Intel Pentium PC utilizing Visual C++
  • Software developer on HP 9000 series workstations under HP-UX versions: 7.0, 8.05, 9.03, 9.05, and 10.2

Butler Services Group
two years
Contractor/ Help Center / Software Distribution

  • Worked at General Electric/ Aircraft Engines
  • Trouble Shooter for networked HP 9000/ 3XX workstations under HP-UX, and Apollo DN series workstations under DOMAIN/IX connected in 400+ node configuration using FTP, TCP/IP, and NFS
  • Software distributions administrator via network to Apollo DN series workstations under Domain/OS and to HP 9000 series workstations under HP-UX versions: 6.5, 7.0, 8.05, and 9.05 releases

General Dynamics Services Company, Harlingen, TX
three years
Data Systems Analyst/ Programmer/ System Administrator

  • Systems Administrator for networked HP 9000/319 workstations under HP-UX and using HP ME/10 CAD system on four (4) node cluster.
  • Assistant systems administration for DEC MicroVax II under VMS
  • Programming and software maintenance for MS-DOS PC

Science and Technology Corporation, Las Cruces, NM
four years
Scientific programmer-analyst/ System Administrator

  • Developed software for data reduction and analysis in FORTRAN77 language
  • Computer system manager/ administrator/ operator for PRIME 650 and PRIME 550-II super-minicomputers
  • Wrote near-real time graphics routines for displaying meteorological data on an HP 9836 microcomputer using HP BASIC and HPGL

NMSU Physics Department, Las Cruces, NM
one year
Research Assistant

  • Programmed for data acquisition from a UV spectrometer using Labsoft BASIC on an Apple II/plus with an ISAAC data acquisition system
  • Completed design and construction of UV spectrometer

NMSU Experimental Statistics Department, Las Cruces, NM
one year
Co-op Research Assistant

  • Modified statistical analysis programs for reduction of crop infestation field data
  • Used an AMDAHL 470 v5 under VM/ CMS and SAS and APL/plus programming languages

Physical Sciences Laboratory, NMSU, Las Cruces, NM
one year
Co-op Assistant programmer

  • Modified software for data reduction and analysis of atmospheric visibility data
  • Used an HP 1000 under RTE with Command Language scripts and HP FORTRAN programs graph data

University of Kentucky Physics and Astronomy Dept., Lexington, KY
one year
Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Prepared and delivered brief lectures for an undergraduate physics laboratory
  • Graded laboratory notebooks and exams
  • Monitored classroom experiments

NMSU Physics Department, Las Cruces, NM
six months
Assistant Technician

  • Modified software for data reduction and analysis
  • Assisted with acquisition, reduction, and analysis of geophysical resistivity data
  • Used JCL and APL on AMDAHL 470

NMSU Hispanic and Indian Affairs Dept., Las Cruces, NM
two years

  • Tutored undergraduate students in Physics and Mathematics
  • Helped students improve grades


  • Certificate of Appreciation for significant contributions to HSCT 1999
  • Recognition for significant contributions to MPM project 1997
  • Recognition for significant contribution to the VMODS project 1996
  • Nominated for 1996 Perry T. Egbert, Jr. Award - part in Establishing Aero/Acoustic Database System for Test Facilities
  • Recognition for significant performance in porting of Acoustic Data Acquisition System 1994


Computing using various flavors of Linux

Astronomy and other sciences


Association for Computing Machinery


Atlanta Astronomy Club - previous member
Orlando Astronomical Society - previous member
Las Cruces Astronomical Society - previous member
Cincinnati Astronomical Society - previous vice president
Miami Valley Astronomical Society - previous member
Von Braun Astronomical Society - previous member
Shoals Astronomy Club - previous member
Northeast Florida Astronomical Society - publicity director
Ancient City Astronomy Club - current member